Lucretia Elizabeth (Folkes) Philipps, UK 1747

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Lucretia Elizabeth Folkes, Mrs Griffith Philipps 1729-1810: Lucretia was the daughter of Henry Folkes, a London lawyer and his wife Mary. She was the niece of Sir Martin Folkes, the famous antiquary and sometime president of the Royal Society. She was descended from Hovell, Chicheley, Lilly, Mann, Dockwra, Bruges, Cotton, Gawdy, Bassingbourne, Clifford, Berkeley, Beauchamp &c and was a direct descendant of Edward III. She married Griffith Philipps, Member of Parliament for Carmarthen in 1757. She was the mother of Dorothea Plowden author of the comic opera "Virginia"
in London, United Kingdom


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