Lynden M Hess

Lynden M Hess

A photo of Lynden M Hess, 1989 - 2008. About Lynden M Hess: ... show more

A photo of Lynden M Hess, 1989 - 2008.

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Roxanna Gaither Lynden was a caring and compassionate young man that was loved by many.I will always miss his beautiful smile.
Mar 24, 2013 · Reply
Kenneth Hess Roxanna Gaithersburg was no mother to lynden she beat him with a broom when he was 6 months old and locked him in a closet then left himthere 16 hours untill are father found him for 18 years she never gave one xmas or birthday gift never paid child support oout whole life nor kept contact with us. She put electric bills in his name when he was 1 and ran a $3,400 bill that he had to pay at 18. At his funeral she tried to steal his diamond ear rings. After the funeral she sold his 2 new cars and lied about it to buy her own new car. She attempted to empty his account but had no access. Then stole the donation jars from all the local stores to buy drugs the women above had no interest in loving her son nor helping him grow up when I called her to tell her penny had died she said "To bad thats his problem not mine" Roxanna had no relationship with her twin sons unless she could take money and items of value from us. Roxanna did things no one could imagin amd then lie about doing them she is a truelly bad person that has a good husband who she cheats on everyday and goes home to him and lies about what she was doing im glad that after she tried to burn the house down with he two infent sons in it that my father left her. My brother was a great young man that would help a stranger with anything. He was a pure hearted young man that came from a ruff child hood and was able to overcome anything in his life. Rest in peace my much loved brother its been 7 years but I still feel you here. I will always remember the person you were and the things you did to make me smile when I was down. I love you brother and you will always be mine and dads inspiration in life to get through the worst of days. Me and dad love you very much and thank you for watching over us
Dec 15, 2014 · Reply
Roxanne Gaither Wow. Just how many drugs are you taking Kenny? First off, your brothers death, was the death of my spirit. You know very well that I did NOT say that when your brother passed away. But I will see you again, and we'll discuss this, I promise you!!! Your brother and I had been spending quite alot of time together before his passing. He was my first born son, I love your brother and miss him everyday. Reading this, this load of lies....Son; You must be crazy to cross that line with me, lol. Beat your brother with a broom, Locked him in a closet, tried to burn the house down, stole money? Damn, your talking child abuse, child neglect, endangerment, arson, forgery, theft, the list of charges goes on and on. Yet, your mother was NEVER charged with any of these alleged crimes, and why do you think that is? It's because they are all just a figment of YOUR imagination. A word of advice; "Just say NO to drugs" Kenny. You've almost got the details of your little story correct but I'm afraid your confused about the "characters" and a few facts. Your brother was 18 when he passed away and he didn't have a job. With that being said, there was NO account to take anything out of, let alone 2 NEW vehicles to be sold. However; The car that he did drive, was the one that "your father" tried to get and sell, but was unable to because it was tagged and titled to someone else. hmmmmm. The only thing that your brother had of any value was his puppy, and if I'm not mistaken, you tried to take that from your brothers partner. YOU took your brothers diamond earrings and pawned them, You also stole a $500 donation for your brothers memorial services, the night of his viewing so that YOU could buy drugs. Your aunt Barb Stotler was the one who put out the donation jars all over the county for Lenny's memorial and was taking the money to do god only knows what. Until I found out about it and had Officer Timmy Stapleton go after her and remove the jars from the stores. You Know, It's a heartless thing to do when you steal from a dead man, but to play on the emotions of hard working people trying to make an honest living, but yet have compassion in their hearts to put a few dollars in a jar for a young mans passing, and have someone take it for their own personal needs, is truly inhumane. And you shouldn't try to paint a pretty picture of your life. The local court house has records on you and your brother dating back to when you were children, because of the lack of parental guidance from your father. Every time I would go to court and take you and your brother to come live with me, you would run back to your dads because you didn't like my rules and he would let you run the streets. But those Rules, as you liked to call them, were guidelines for your future. Had you have followed those rules, maybe your life would've taken a didn't path. And for Gods sake, quit playing the "my momma don't care about me card." It's rather old. You turned your back on me son and I've just gotten to the point where I'm tired of playing your emotional games. When you stole money from my husband and I at Christmas time, that was it for me. And Please get off of the kick that I'm cheating on my husband, because anyone who knows him and I, knows that's not true. It's hard to be having an affair with someone else when you never leave your partners side. And I'm surely not on drugs. I'm not the one that the local law enforcement is always watching and pulling over. By the way, Aren't you under investigation right now with Animal Control because you shot your dog in the eye, wrapped him in a blanket and laid him on your porch? I've told you this before, You have some SERIOUS issues son, and you really need help. I just hope and pray that some day you'll get it.
Feb 10 · Reply
Tracy Huddleson The only thing this airing of dirty laundry is accomplishing is making the rest of us horrified that we might be part of your gene pool. Please take your grievances with each other offline...this is a forum for cordial geneological discussion and research.
Feb 11 · Reply
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