Lynn, John, & Lucy Klawitter, Illinois c1992

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at St. James Nursing home, Steger, Cook County, Illinois United States of America


Gabriela Kitschke just wondering if you or your family have heard of Ilse Rudi Gertrude or Karl heniz Klawitter . My mother is Ilse Klawitter she married Helmut Kitschke and are both from Danzig Germany now Gdansk Poland. I believe my mothers fathers name was Alfons
Jul 20, 2014 · Reply
John Klawitter Hello, Gabriela - Ilsa is very likely my cousin three or four generations removed. My crossing ancestor was Robert Reinhold Klawitter, a tishler by trade, who came from East Prussia in 1892. He left behind a sister Bertha, and their children wrote each other until after WWII. Robert's brother August (Gus) came with him to the 'new world' in 1892, traveling through Canada, but they became separated and Robert settled near Chicago while Gus went to Wisconsin. I will tell you an oddity: Although my father's side of the family came from East Prussia and my mother's maiden name was Weishaar (from Strasburg), I had my DNA tested (not once but twice) and I am 53% English and 36% German and French (Alsace-Lorraine being where it is). Just how the Klawitters have so much English blood in them is a long story for another time.
Jul 24, 2014 · Reply
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