Lyubchenko Family, Boguchary Town, Russia, 1930 Family family photo
Alla Trunova

Lyubchenko Family, Boguchary Town, Russia, 1930

Lyubchenko (Lyubtchenko, Lyubtchenko, Lubchenko).

Looking for Lyubchenko Sergey Mitrofanovich and his relatives.

In 1920 Lyubchenko Sergey left for Turkey (with Dobrovolcheskaya Army) and later he moved to USA (and possibly further to Canada).

Worked in USA as an underwater welding worker, wasa ranch owner.

Lyubchenko Sergey (the senior brother), born in 1900 or so in Boguchar Town (near Voronezh City, Russia), had:

two brothers - Alexander (lived in Moscow);
Timofey (lived in Samarcand);
four sisters - Olga (lived in Rostov-on-Don); Mariya (lived in Moscow);
Tatiyana (lived in Nalchik);
Nataliya (lived in Moscow).

Olga's daughters - Alla (Trunova in marriage), born in 1934 in Rostov-on-Don, and Nelly (Trostchenko in marriage), born in 1938 in Moscow, are looking for their grandfather's relatives.
Trunova Alla, teacher of mathematics at the Rostov College of Economics and Finance, Rostov-on-Don City, Russia
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Photo taken at Lyubchenko Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation on
Lyubchenko Family, Boguchary Town, Russia, 1930

Mitrofan Lyubchenko with his Family

Born: unknown
Died: unknown