Madaline Colautti,1963 Colautti family photo
Madelyn Cl

Madaline Colautti,1963

Madaline/Madelyn/Maddalena Colautti. Senior High School yearbook oil Portrait Fall 1963, Randall's studio with photo ( inset) taken graduation night, June 4, 1964. 18 years old.

About Madaline Colautti

The story behind the first name. It was given by father Angelo Colautti after his mother, Maddalena Pasutti Colautti. However his wife Ermelin gave Madaline the Anglicized form. Mamma taught me to spell it Madeline. However, years later when I ordered a copy of my birth certificate so I could obtain a passport, we discovered that the name was spelled 'Madaline.In my teens, I changed the spelling to 'Madelyn' to reflect the way most people pronounced it. I once told Papa that I wished Mamma had kept the Italian form of the name. He happily called me 'Maddalena' for the rest of his life. It is the name I prefer. ...more info

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