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Maggie L Ford passed away at age 35 in Duff, Tn she was the daugher of Mose James Ford and Laura B Dyer Ford She was the mother of two small boys William Fowler Walden and James Wright Hunley she Married James E. Hunley abt. 1927 at the age of 26 according to the 1930 census

Maggie is my grandmother she passed away when my father was just a small boy, he had very few memories and little knowledge of her. She is buried in an unmarked grave at Peabody Cemetery, We have been unable to locate the exact spot of her burial, all that my dad recalls was going to the cemetery as a child and a large rock being at the head of the grave. Over the years we have made several attempts to relocate that rock but have not been able to. If anyone has any knowledge to the exact location of her burial site please contact me.
photo of Maggie L Ford


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