Mama & Papa Patterson, Granny Cooper, and Uncle

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...standing out front of their house looking at it, this is taken to the left of the house... about halfway down the house, there begins a white picket fence, yes, you see it folks, white picket fence... ...going around the entire yard... that is (I think the ladies name was Mrs. Crawford--that will work for [external link] the background, where I used to go swing and ate great apple pies... ...from right to left is my grandfather(what I would give for one more story), my grandmother Mama Pat, and her mother Granny (Mintie Amelia Cooper McLeod)...and next to her is Mama Pat's brother-in-law Brice Green, Jr... otherwise known as "uncle" to everyone... he was married to Mama Pat's sister Edith Ioma Cooper and they lived out in the "piney woods" of Tyler in a log house with a stone fire place surrounding by trees, mountains and this great stream, and we could just walk for hours... ...remember how it was safe to walk in the woods then... on the picket fence all the way around were roses... my grandmother loved flowers... and my grandfather loved her...
at Pabst Street in Tyler, Tyler, Texas


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