Mama & Papa Patterson & Granny Cooper

Photo Details the front of this photo, to my left, is my grandmother (Ethel Patterson) and next to her is her mother, "Granny" Mintie Amelia Cooper McLeod...directly behind Granny is Papa Pat, my wonderful grandmother Jesse Patterson... next to him is a mystery to me...but most likely a neighbor or friend over visiting... they had lots of neighbors and friends...on either side of the house they are standing in front of, their duplex... grew 4 to 5 foot hydrangas--pink, purple, white, blue--they were beautiful...and see all those beautiful trees in the background... they were everywhere... I used to grow across the street to the house you can see on the other side and play on the swing... the nice lady neighbor friend living there had a "slow" son who was (what I would guess considering I was only about 10 years old then) maybe anywhere from 18 to 20 or so... ...he was nice, too... ...she baked the best apple pies, and my grandmother would bake chocolate pies and take to her, and she would bake apple and take to her... life was truly great back then...
at Pabst Street Home in Tyler, Tyler, Texas


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