Margery Anne Anderson, Michigan Anderson family photo
Marsha Adams

Margery Anne Anderson, Michigan

Margery Anne Anderson was born in 1822. She married James Bell Moore and was the Mother of Louise, Anna Marie and Elizabeth Moore as well as four brothers. I am familiar with the girls because I know second cousins of their descendants. The first two married Beamish brothers John and Edward, and Elizabeth married John Rawlins Dann. All were believed to be from London Township, Middlesex Co., Ontario, Canada. They immigrated to Shiawasse County Michigan together in a sleigh, then traded their sleigh for a wagon when the snow was gone. ... show more

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Margery Anderson's brothers were John, James, Robert, and William B(ell?). Her husband James Moore was born in Ireland, most likely in one of the counties in Northern Ireland. Her parents were Adam Anderson and Margery (?), who migrated from Ireland to Toronto, Otario, Canada, where Margery was born.
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Photo taken at Shiawassee County, Michigan USA
Margery Anne Anderson, Michigan

Margery Anne Anderson

Born: 1822
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Margery Anne Anderson at 30 years old