Marguerite Theaker Mosher Mosher family photo
Kaye Harwell

Marguerite Theaker Mosher

Does anyone know this lady? I found a Marguerite Theaker on the 1930 Census living as a boarder with John Perkins Family in Lansing Michigan. She was 11 years old. A document in Cuyahoga County, Ohio in 1946, lists friends Rebecca Hicks and Margaret G. Bourne and Hobart L. Roll.

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Duane Gallimore There is a classified add in the March/April 2005 edition of "Reminisce" magazine that has this exact same photo. The add reads:

"We found the photo at right among my parent's possessions. The lady's name is Marguerite Theaker. She was born around 1920 and lived in Cincinnati, Ohio or Lansing, Michigan. Does anybody know her?"

submitted to Reminisce by Linda Joyce Diamond, 1362 County Road. 20, Butler, AL, 36904.

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Jillian Milstead My name is Jillian Mosher I have been doing a lot of mosher ancestory research and I have found records of her and rebecca for more info at..hotpeppergirl35@[external link] family
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Photo taken at Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio on
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