Maria & Elena Gassagne? CA 1880's

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Possibly Maria & Elena Gassagne in the 1880's? This photo has a photography studio on the back of a place in Los Angeles, California. When I researched it was down the street from Elena's father's livery stable and during the correct time. I am assuming this is Mary and Elena. Mary was half Native American. Can anybody shed any light? Does anyone know why the child's head is shaved? Both were born in Los Angeles, CA. Photo taken around 1880's. Elena's father was Charles Gassagne and he had a livery stable on Main St.
Any little tidbit would be gratefully received.

Mystery: I would like to know if this is indeed my great grandmother and her mother. And why the child's head might be shaved. Does the woman look like she could be part Native American. Her mother was also born in Los Angeles, CA in the 1830's. (Refugio Garcia).
at Plaza on Main St., Los Angeles, California USA


Scarlet Shoemake During that time if a child had high fevers part of the 'treatment' was to cut off the hair. Especially scarlet fever. Another, although less palatable reason for head shaving, would've been lice. It could have been a ritualistic hair cutting. And Yes! She definitely looks to come from Native American bloodline.
Aug 26, 2015 · Reply
Elena Murray Thank you so much for the info. I had wondered about lice. But didn't know about the scarlet fever possibility.
Aug 30, 2015 · Reply
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