Marie (Coon) Greenwood, Annette (Coon) Pluckhan, Sisters, and Jamie, Annette's Son

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Marie, born in 1903, and Annette(Coon), born in 1904, were sisters who shared the loss of their parents in early childhood. They lived with their maternal grandparents, James Ellison and Elizabeth Melissa (Carl) Murray in Idaho, but were then separated in March 1911. Marie was placed with her maternal aunt, Mrs. Charles (Clara Murray) Dearing of Idaho, and Annette with her paternal aunt, Mrs. George (Alice Coon)Jess of Randolph, Wisconsin. Marie married a Mr. Greenwood and Annette married Clarence Pluckhan. Annette is holding onto her son, who was named Jamie. I want to thank Kristin Smith ([contact link]) for this picture.
in USA


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