Marriage Certificate Sallie Manning & EdgarB. Bass

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Sallie (Sally) Bass; E.B.(Edgar) Bass Had at least three Children, Lawrence Edward Bass,Geneva Bass,& Herman Bass. Lawrence was born in Fayette Co. PA. He Lived and Died in Hampton, Carter County, TN, after his parents left him there with his mother's sister,Josie M. Manning Campbell. Geneva was left with Blooms Family in Tullahoma TN. Mr. Blooms was a Methodist minister. Later Geneva went to Mcminnville TN where she lived with the Reverends daughter a Mrs. Safley. Geneva went to school in Mcminnville and that's where she met her husband, E.K. Neal. They lived in Ky and had two sons and a daughter. Little is known about Herman except that he was born 1-30-1909 in Allegheny County PA. He may have died at a young age, left with relatives, or adopted after the death of his father. More info can be found at: [external link]
at Sallie Bass & Edgar B. Bass, Allegheny & Fayette County, PA


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