Martha Jane Wolfcale Schoonover & Sarah Ann Wolfcale Leeper 1887

Photo Details

Taken 1887 Markle,Huntington,IN
/Photographer-Mygrants Markle,IN
/Martha Jane Wolfcale Schoonover born Feb 1844 Trumbull Co.,IN-wife of Ezekiel H. Schoonover(1839-??)
/Sarah Ann Wolfcale Leeper born 28 Oct 1841 Trumbull Co.,OH died 20 Oct 1907 Markle,Huntington,IN buried Markle Cemetery Markle,Huntington,IN-wife of John J. Leeper(1839-1928)
/Daughters of Abraham Wolfcale(1806-1874) & Eliza Wilcox(1807-1887)
in USA


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