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Mary Ann Armstrong Perkins Montgomery was the daughter of John R. Armstrong and Bethsheba Potter. Before her death Mary Ann lived with her daughter Vina Basha Perkins and husband Albert Jones at Healdton, OK the last two years of her life. She owned nothing, was blind and smoked a corn cob pipe. Descendants of Mary Ann Armstrong.

1 Mary Ann ARMSTRONG b: May 1840 in Daviess County, Missouri d: 1914 in Hearldton, Oklahoma
.. +Preston PERKINS b: 1844 in Mississippi d: 1864 in Wise County, Texas m: 1858 in Prairie Point, Texas
... 2 Leonidas "Lee" PERKINS b: 1859 in Texas
... 2 Vina B. PERKINS b: 1863
*2nd Husband of Mary Ann Armstrong:
.. +John Perry MONTGOMERY b: December 25, 1828 in Carroll County, Tennessee d: January 20, 1908 in Vineyard, Jack County, Texas m: 1869 in Prairie Point, Jack County, Texas
... 2 Samuel Houston MONTGOMERY b: March 6, 1870
... 2 Amanda Victoria MONTGOMERY b: April 1878
....... +Sam GILMORE
... 2 Charles Wesley MONTGOMERY b: April 20, 1879
....... +Ersalina FREEMAN
......... 3 Bernard MONTGOMERY

I found Mary with 2nd husband and following children:
Sarah E. (John's 1st marriage)
Henry C. (John's 1st marriage)
John B. (John's 1st marriage)
William Lincoln
Sam Houston (John and Mary's)
Leonidas Perkins (from 1st marriage)
Vina B. Perkins (from 1st marriage)
in USA


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