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at Photography studio, Wales United Kingdom


Michelle Broussard Lots of thick hair piled in a bun and then anchored with hat pins.
Jan 14 · Reply
Vl K Hatpins, up to 12" long.
Jan 14 · Reply
Christine H. MacP I also remember elderly ladies in the 1950's saying how those 12" hat pins also were used to jab "gentlemen" who got too "friendly" on a street car. Those hat pins served as self defense for the ladies.
Jan 21 · Reply
Paula Leslie hat pins of course. The hat isn't for me.
Feb 03 · Reply
Celia Clifford I like to make hat pins but 12 inch? I wish I knew where to find the pins for that so I could decorate them with my beads and stones and gems! Does anyone know where I can get them?
May 11 · Reply
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