Mary Ann (Polly Ann) Renno Dotson family photo
Lori Sorrells

Mary Ann (Polly Ann) Renno

Mary Ann (Polly Ann) Renno (1813-1904), Wife of Doctor Floyd Dotson (1813-1860). Marriage bond shows last name Renno, she has also been connected with the last names Amos, Nigs, and Raincrow thru family stories.

About Mary Ann (Polly Ann) Renno/Amos/Nigs(Raincrow) Dotson

Rachel (Bendabout) Raincrow *Died at the age of 103; a full blood Cherokee; first buried at the Old Raincrow Cemetery, Cherokee Co., OK, but when Camp Gruber was being developed, her body was transferred to the Greenleaf Cemetery, Cherokee Co., OK. Rachel Bendabout married John (Car-se-hee-lee) Rainbow Sr. b. 21 Jul 1771 in GA, a full blood Cherokee who was the son of Oo-dos-sko Raincrow and his wife So-gin-nee; they had the following children: (1) Susan (buried at Greenleaf) who married Cabin (Calvin) Miller; (2) John Jr. who married Diana Melvina Sanders and Betsy Gafford; (3) Joseph (Joe) who married Mary Ellen Sanders (both buried at Greenleaf); (4) Aggie Raincrow who married Louis Dazzler (Dassler) (both buried at Greenleaf); (5) Archilla (buried at Greenleaf) who married Nancy and Jennie (wife of James); (6) Arch b. 1836 d. 1862; (7) Cha-wah-mov-gah (Chune-stee-te) b. 1837 d. 1839; (8) Jim Chune-stee-te b. 1883; (9) Washington Car-see-cors b. 18421 d. 1862 (served in the Civil War); (10) Elizabeth R. (Ker-you-che) who married Robbin Crawford; (11) Sallie (I-yor-ka) b. 1850 d. 1867; and (12) Sophia who married the Rev. Charles (Charley) Silk (both buried at Greenleaf). Family links: Children: Archilla Raincrow (1834 - 1887)* John Raincrow (1844 - 1887)* Susan Raincrow Miller (1848 - 1895)* Sallie Raincrow (1850 - 1867)* Aggie Raincrow Dazzler (1853 - 1911)* Joe (Joseph) Raincrow (1855 - 1927)* Sophia Raincrow Silk (1857 - 1911)* ...more info

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