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These are photos of Mary Anna Clark DEXTER as a girl of about 12 and a young woman of about 21. When she was born in 1889, soon after she was found on the steps of a Church. As "a foundling," she became "a Ward of the State." In 1892, she was adopted by John and Mary (CLARK) DEXTER who then lived in Melrose, MA. (CT family) They changed the baby's name from Daisy WATROUS to Mary Anna Clark DEXTER. In 1899, Mrs. DEXTER died and Mr. DEXTER became ill, and their adopted daughter was orphaned again, and, again became "a Ward of the State."

Members of my family, and a descendant of the parents of the Adoptive couple, believe that the baby was ..somehow.. related to Mrs. Mary (CLARK) DEXTER and/or her mother, Mrs. Rhoda (MANCHESTER) (LAVARE) CLARK in Westport, MA.
in Middlesex County, Massachusetts


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