Mary Elizabeth (Kavanagh) Hickey family Hickey family photo
Stacy Blake

Mary Elizabeth (Kavanagh) Hickey family

A photo of Mary Elizabeth (Kavanagh) Hickey and family

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Kelie Kavanagh My grandfathers name was John micheal kavanagh he lived in new york had three kids Kathy Aggie and john who was my father and my aunt aggie visted Irland a few yrs back so I was wondering if we were family
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Gordon Lasslett I doubt it. My great grandfather James Hickey was born in Ireland in 1841 and immigrated to New South Wales (Australia) around 1860. He was a Presbyterian and married Esther Thomson a lady of Jewish descent in 1863. He was a Blacksmith and then worked as a Dredge Master in the port of Newcastle, NSW.
Reply posted Jul 05 8:22 pm
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