Mary (Sositko) Ridenour with her son and Aunt Mary

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This is a photo of Mary (Sositko) and son, Ronnie Ridenour with Mary's aunt Mary (Zlatykanicz) Kroczolowski (Kroczaloski, Kroczalowski or Krocyolowski) taken about 1940 in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio. This photo was taken the same day as the photo of the Zlatykanicz siblings (Bertha, Mary, Andy, and Frances) that I've added to this website. The year in guessed by Ronnie's age compared to the photo of him when he was an older boy with an older Bertha and John that I also added to this website.
Mary Kroczaloski could not speak English. Her sisters, Bertha and Frances could speak English but it was spoken with broken English.
A descendant of Mary Kroczaloski told me that Mary was closer to her son and grandson than her daughter and granddaughter. She seemed to favor the boys. She may not even have realized she was doing it.
in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio USA


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