McLinn Family 2 Mclinn family photo
Deborah Stevens

McLinn Family 2

McLinn family gathering, I think in relation to my grandparents wedding 8 May 1926.

The Mystery

Does anyone recognize the smaller of the two girls in the front? The second man from the right has been tentatively identified as George Scobell, Jr. However he was 37 at the time this pic was taken and I think this man looks much older. Any suggestions.

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Photo taken at McLinn Homestead on
McLinn Family 2

Myrtle McLinn

Born: May 18, 1887
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Myrtle McLinn at 39 years old  ·  Edgar W McLinn at 43 years old  ·  John Scobell at 29 years old  ·  Ann L Scobell at 19 years old  ·  Margaret A McLinn at 12 years old  ·  Unknown child  ·  Rose R McLinn at 35 years old  ·  Unknown older man