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Photo taken abt 1895, name list on back. Left to Right: 1. John Henry Lockwood, Sr. husband of Jeanette (McNeal) On his lap: Ernest Virgil Lockwood. 2. Jane "Jennie" (McNeal) Knapp 3. Charles Henry Dart 4. Frank Symonds 5. Mrs. Nellie May (Lockwood) Dart 6. Harriet (Goltry)(widow of John Angus McNeal and John Symonds) Symonds 7. Harrison Marsh Angier 8. James McNeal 9. Maud (McNeal) Angier 10. Sarah Jane (McLean) McNeal 11. Dan Emery 12. Ovid Butler Knapp 13. Cora Bell (Lockwood) Emery holding Grace Emery 14. Mrs. Frank Symonds (nee:?) 15. Agnes May "Birdie" McNeal 16. John Henry Lockwood, Jr. 17. Raymond Henry Dart (blind) Children: Girl with long hair: Sybelle J. Emery. Boy seated with straw hat in lap: James Samuel McNeal, Jr. Other children not known yet.
in Minnesota USA


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