Melquiades P. Abrera , Philippines Abrera family photo
Melquiades Abrera

Melquiades P. Abrera , Philippines

A photo of Melquiades P. Abrera - A convert Muslim from Philippines. Born in Coron, Palawan in 1942.

About Melquiades P. Abrera

I was a member of the CCp during my early days of school that's why I moved to different schools to organize students and out of school students. during the Martial Law, I work in the movement as head of the Youth and Student sector commission of CPP. I embraced Islam in 1992 during my work at Department of Agriculture, Office of the Secretary, and met a Muslim Maranao and invited me to ISCAG, a Islamic Center. I am now organizing Muslim Reverts around the Philippines, for peace and solidarity movement. ...more info

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Photo taken at Antipolo City, Philippines
Melquiades P. Abrera , Philippines

Melquiades P. Abrera

Born: Oct 29, 1942
Died: This person is still alive.
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