Melvin Arthur Pixley (1912-1982) Pixley family photo
Barbara Pixley

Melvin Arthur Pixley (1912-1982)

A photo of Melvin Pixley as Potentate of Al Malaikah Shrine Temple-Los Angeles, Ca.-1960. My father touched so many lives and was beloved and respected in the community. He lead many organizations, including the Board of the Los Angeles Shrine Hospital and was Executive Officer of the Southern California Jurisdiction of the Order of Demolay. Born in Wichita, Kansas, he married Laberta Lucretia Blair in Nebraska and moved to California. He received numerous awards and recognitions for his countless contributions to fraternal and community organizations in the Los Angeles area over a period of many years. He was a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason-the highest honor bestowed in Freemansonry. For more about the life of this remarkable man-go to the website: [external link] scolling to he bottom of the page to 'Storie' and click on: 'Mel Pixley's Legacy of Dreams'. Also [external link] under the tree name: [external link] ... show more

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For a story (with pictures and music) about this remarkable man-go to and scroll to the bottom of the homepage to 'Stories'-click on 'Mel Pixley's Legacy of Dreams'. ...more info

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For more about this remarkable man-go to the website: [external link] and scroll to the bottom of the page to 'Stories'-click on: "Mel Pixley's Legacy of Dreams".
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Photo taken at Los Angeles, CA
Melvin Arthur Pixley (1912-1982)

Melvin Pixley

Born: Jul 10, 1912
Died: Oct 22, 1982 (age 70)
Also in this photo: Melvin Pixley