Mill Creek Indiana School 1923 Wolfe family photo
Harold Long

Mill Creek Indiana School 1923

Picture of the 8th grade class of Mill Creek, Indiana, School, abt 1923.

In this photo: Glen Lehker, Alra Boone, William Demarah, Raymond Bracken, George Long, Amos Duncan, Stanley Ness, Ray Wolfe, Dorman Wolfe, May Tennis, Catherine Olson, Helen Olson, Mabel Duncan, Iva Winner, Rosella Demarah, Frankie Shaffer, Virgil Buckmaster, Irene Quinn, Florence Stombaugh, Hazel Snyder, Alice Mackin, Kathryn Quinn, Eva Miller, Helen Stombaugh, Veronica Quinn, Mr. Custard, Miss Kaupke, Mr. Elliott, Ray Miller, Edward Draves, Raymond William Long,
Harry Draves, Henry Shaffer, Guy Olson, and Harry Bunton.
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Photo taken at Indiana United States of America on
Mill Creek Indiana School 1923

Glen Lehker

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Glen Lehker  ·  Alra Boone  ·  William Demarah  ·  Raymond Bracken  ·  George Long  ·  Amos Duncan  ·  Stanley Ness  ·  Ray Wolfe  ·  Dorman Wolfe  ·  May Tennis  ·  Catherine Olson  ·  Helen Olson  ·  Mabel Duncan  ·  Iva Winner  ·  Rosella Demarah  ·  Frankie Shaffer  ·  Virgil Buckmaster  ·  Irene Quinn  ·  Florence Stombaugh  ·  Hazel Snyder  ·  Alice Mackin  ·  Kathryn Quinn  ·  Eva Miller  ·  Helen Stombaugh  ·  Veronica Quinn  ·  Mr. Custard  ·  Miss Kaupke  ·  Mr. Elliott  ·  Ray Miller  ·  Edward Draves  ·  Raymond William Long at 15 years old  ·  Harry Draves  ·  Henry Shaffer  ·  Guy Olson  ·  Harry Bunton