Moothedathu Kandathil Tharavadu, India moothedathu family photo
Tharakan Moothedathu

Moothedathu Kandathil Tharavadu, India

Shown here is the picture of Moothedathu Kandathil Tharavadu (Family Bungalow). .St. Thomas, the disciple of Jesus Christ who came to India in 52 AD, landed in the port town of Kodungalloor and established(Ref 3,Ref 1-A) a Christian community there by Baptizing Brahmin Families.It is believed that Our family was one of the first to accept christianity. For business matters, Moothedathu Eapen came to Kayamkulam, which was the biggest commercial center of South Kerala then. At Kayamkulam, Moothedathu Paruthimootil Family along with another family(Kililethu) took initiative in the construction of a church in the year 825AD there, led by two Kadissas – Mar Sapore and Mar Afrod – with the permission of the then local King Sankaravisree, thus the name ‘Kadissa Palli‘. The Church records say that these two families held the trusteeship of the church.There is a Rock Inscription in the church which says that our family were one of the founding fathers of the church. Moothedathu family with their commercial ventures gained the goodwill of the then King and the local populace. The King helped them in the trading of pepper and bestowed them with land to construct the church.Kocheeapen Tharakan had four sons and his third son Mathulla is the founder of Kandathil Kudumbam. Mathulla converted a paddy field into a residential plot at Vallamkulam to build a house; hence the family name “KANDATHIL”. The nearly two century old Kandathil Tharavadu is still preserved in its original form at Vallamkulam.Kandathil Mammen Mappila Established the Famous News paper Malayala Manorama in 1888. His brother KM Mammen Mappilla established the world class Tyre Manufacturing company MRF Tyres in 1946.Kandathil Mammen Mappila’s sons were honored by government of India by bestowing Padama Bhushan and Padma Shree. K. M. Cherian (Awarded Padma Shree, Padma Bhushan),K. M. Mathew ((Awarded Padma Shree),K. M. Mammen Mappillai (Awarded Padma Shree). ... show more

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Photo taken at Vallamkulam, Thiruvalla, Kallooppara County, Kerala India