Mowry/Taylor/Lidstone Taylor family photo
Jean Lay


On the back of the photo is written: Maxwell MOWRY, his dad Percy MOWRY, Russell MOWRY, our dad, Herbert TAYLOR, Percy's wife, Aunt Maude, Uncle Jim LIDSTONE and his wife Helen. Jim and Maude are Rose (Rosina) Taylor's Stepmother's brother and sister.

The Mystery

This photo came from Rhode Island. From an estate sale in Providence. There are about 20/25 photos of this family. A very generous young lady from the Tulsa, OK. flea market gave these to me for just this reason; to find their family and home. I have done some research on this family, very interesting. I found "Baby Everill "Christened in Sept. 1919, and she was named for her Grandmother: Everill TAYLOR from England. Parents are Herbert and Rose TAYLOR. Who are her descendents? She has a sister, Arline TAYLOR (WIGGINS).

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Kyle Carson Dear Jean, I have been looking into the Mowry family of Providence for my work, and recently saw Percy Mowry as legatee in an aunt's will! I googled him, and up popped your estate sale find.
I have located a family called Buffum, one of which was a Mowry in-law, but have not succeeded in finding any living descendants of Percy.
Would you be interested in parting with some of these photos, either giving / selling to descendants if I find some, or selling to me if I don't? These genealogy searches are so involved one almost feels these long-ago strangers have become friends!
Best Regards, Kyle Carson
Reply posted Apr 14, 2005 5:58 pm
Photo taken at Providence, Rhode Island on
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