Mrs. George Tilson Tilson family photo
Elsie Hunt

Mrs. George Tilson

Photo marked on back Photographed by Beers Bros. Franklin, N.Y.
This is most likely Angelia Beers wife of George Tilson # 3201 in Tilson Genealogy. I say that because of other "Beers" photos I have and because George Tilson and Angelina Beers lived in Livermore, Iowa near my husbands ancestors. Itis only marked "Mrs. Geo. Tillson" ... show more

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Tim Blosser Angelie Beers (SOURCE: The Tilson genealogy from Edmond Tilson at Plymouth, N.E., 1638-1911, with brief sketches of the family in England back to 1066)
Reply posted Mar 26 6:05 pm
Photo taken at Franklin, New York USA