Photo Details

The photo is about 2 3/8 X 4. On the reverse is printed "Dunshee Bros., Artists, No. 14 State Street, Rochester, NY, Copies of same at any time". The photo shows the head and shoulders of an elderly Causacian-looking woman, whose hair is completely covered by a white bonnet that ties under the chin. It was with other photos from the 1870s and 1880s, but I am not able to ascertain the period accurately. This is probably from an album rescued by a relative. We have not found that name in my family.

Mystery: The photo and a number of others were found with an album in my grandmother's effects. She was generous with family photos, but never showed these to us. Therefore we suspect they are not our family photos, but probably an album rescued from somewhere by an uncle who predeceased Grandma. I have no idea who the subject is and I have not found this name in our family so far. There are numerous other photos, mostly unidentified, that are probably related. One that is identified is of a man named Seth Stanley, taken in Geneva, NY. Other photos were taken in St. Louis, MO and Beaver Dam and Waukesha, WI.


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