Mrs. Mary Elizabeth (Cornett) Tyler

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Mrs. Mary Elizabeth (Cornett) Tyler's picture was published in THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTION 17 July, 1913 naming her as Mrs. Elizabeth Cornett Tyler, the late Joshua B. Crawford's grandniece, who along with her mother (Mrs. T. H. Cornett), his niece, being among several relatives of his who were fighting his will naming his new wife Mary Belle (Savage) Crawford as his sole heir. Also named were Mrs. S. A. Billingsly and Mrs. Harris, believed to be Mary Elizabeth's sisters.

The newspaper added that Mrs. Tyler was "taking a course of medicine at the Southern College of Medicine and Surgery, and . . . expects within the next three years to become a regularly licensed physician."

In August, 2011, I learned from D. Laackman the following for which I am most appreciative: that Mary Elizabeth, born in July,1881 on a farm just north of Atlanta, GA, was the daughter of Benjamin and Fannie Cornett. She married 1) Andrew Manning May 13, 1897,and had a daughter, Minnie Dorris Manning, in 1897. However, she divorced Manning Oct. 6, 1906. 2)Owen C. Carroll, whose name appears in 1906 when she made a Cherokee claim. 3) Mr. Tyler, sometime after 1906, but by 1915, she is widowed or divorced again. 4) Stephen Grow, in 1922.

Mary Elizabeth (Cornett) Grow died Sept. 10, 1924 at the age of 43 in Altadena, California and was buried in the Inglewood Park Cemetery in Inglewood, CA.

Again, I thank D. Laackman for sharing this additional information.
at Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia USA


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