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Mulberry school near Weatherford or Sweetwater, Oklahoma. The photo was taken in 1911. Front row bottom left side 3rd from the left is Reinholt Traudt, 4th from the left is older brother George Traudt.
The identities of the other children are unknown.
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Unknown User I recently discovered the school was Mulberry Grove Public School, district # 92 Meridian Twp, Roger Mills Co, Oklahoma. The teacher was Austa Smith she is standing at the back right of the photo. Last names of the children in the photo are: Albin, Allen, Black, Coburn, Davis, Freeman, Ginn, Quinn, Roberts, Rainey, Turner, Traudt, Unger, Witt, Wilson, McKinney, Brewer, Smith, Hamilton, Carpenter, Yarber, Adams, Jennie, Roy, Carothers, and Feland.
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