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This picture is of my father who said he was born in New York City and grew up there, he was about 5'2" had black hair and small built. There are many mysteries to the stories he told us and I can't find any record of his birth and I have found that he was married several times even though he said he was only married once. His father(Andrew Cardile)was suppose to be a doctor in New York and his mother's name was Rose(either Finacchio or Rolette(spelling?). His birth years range from 1903 to 1915 according to the few records that I have been able to locate. He told my family it was 1915. I have found at least 3 marriages to A. Thornton, B. Farris and G. Huffstutler. If you know anything about my dad I would surely appreciate anything you can add. He also served in WW11 for a few months. He was a Tailor by trade and even his military records said he had four years of college. He could also speak several languages and I would love to find out any information at all. Please email me at [contact link] if you can share anything. Thank you, Anita
in USA


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