My grandfather from Nordland Norway

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This is the begining of my Album..a nice start...
my grandfather was born October 7, 1876 in Lofoten, Nordland Norway. He had 10 siblings.
The siblings moved from Ankenes Nordland to the USA, Canada and Scotland. Any information would be helpful on these two I will mention.

Anna Konstanse Andersdatter Moen born 1891 in Ankenes. She had 2 daughters, and one son. Ethelyn (whom we have her photo when she graduated in 1949 standing with my g aunt), and Vivian who had come up to Manitoba to visit with her brother Roy. Roy died in his late teens. My dad's name is Allan Laurence Jentoft Andersen born 1933 in Inwood.

The next one I need to find the family for is Hedvig Karlstrom Andersdatter born 1880 Swanson/en. She had two sons and one daughter. Conrad, Authur, and Signe Herbertsen (her husband's name was Ryder).

Anyone knowing these names then please contact me.
at Andreas Martin Jentoft Andersen, Inwood, Manitoba Canada


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