My Great-Aunt Mairl Brownlow & Husband, Ross Kirk

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This is a picture of my great-aunt, Mairl Brownlow Kirk, and her husband, Ross Kirk. This couple was very kind to the entire extended family. My mother lived with them 7 years and my father boarded with him when he went to Texas Tech University.

They were the most giving people in the world and always shared whatever they had.

Ross died unexpectedly at age 53, leaving Mairl with a son (about 16) and a daughter, age 5.

Mairl worked at home as a hairdresser to raise her children. Her son worked part-time jobs as well as going to school.

Mairl was the daughter of Edward Isaac Brownlow and Elizabeth Elvira Skipper Brownlow.

Mairl lived to be in her 80's and died at home watching t.v.


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