My paternal grandparents, Harry John BARFOOT & Marie (nee POOLE)

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My grandparents, Harry John BARFOOT (1860-1937) and Marie Annie Lucy (nee POOLE) (1861-1955)on holiday or a day trip out. Harry & Marie were together from about 1884 onwards, after Harry's return from army service, and - between 1886 and 1900 - had six children, the youngest of whom was my father, Cecil Redvers Gordon BARFOOT (1900-1985). The couple did not actually marry until after Cecil's birth, marrying in January 1901! They spent most of their lives in the Deptford area of London. They also had an 'adopted' son: George Gordon POOLE (son of Marie's brother Alexander James Gordon POOLE (1866-1901) and a woman called Jane STACEY). George Gordon POOLE went to sea at a young age and lived in Australia from about 1919 onwards where it is believed he married and had several children.
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