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Possible surnames: Jones, Dingler, Atkinson, Crain, Merritt, Strickland, Norton, Britt,Jordan, Scott, Key, Mayfield, Sanders, Smith,Stevens, Brinkley, Rowland, Rich, Bethany. This picture was one of my parents old family pictures that was not labled. Parents lived in Columbia co. Ar south of Magnolia in the Rocky Mound community. If you can identify this picture please contact me and also if you can give an approximate date by the style of clothes please let me know.

Mystery: Can someone identify this young man or give me an idea of the time frame it was taken?
in Columbia County, Arkansas USA


Shanna Flaherty-Pierce This could be my grandfather in his younger days. The resemblance to my father when he was a young man is uncanny. My grandfather's name was Benjamin Edward Flaherty.
Apr 26, 2007 · Reply
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