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My father attended the above wedding, which I understand from my mother was in Scotland. He was John(Jack)Nicholson 1928-1988 and is the man in glasses 2nd away from the groom, directly behind the smaller bridesmaid. It was the marriage of someone to whom he was related and the names of his relatives might include NICHOLSON, ORD, JACKSON or HASKELL. My mother has no idea of who these people are, but it is quite possible that at least some of them might still be living. If so, I would be delighted if someone recognizes them and could pass on details about them. Since the death of my father and all his siblings, I have lost touch with that side of my family and would love to find new relatives. My father was born in Stanley, County Durham, and it is possible that any long-lost relatives live near that area.
at Scotland(?), United Kingdom


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