Mystery Woman - Germany?  family photo
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Mystery Woman - Germany?

picture taken in 1890. This is photographer info on front:
Ormux Warszawa Leszno
Filja Ciechocinku pf Alpern And on back:
Fotografja Artystyczna
Warszawa Ormux
Leszno No 24
Telefon 117 90
Filja w Ciechocinkupf Alpern
Eyxystrye od r
Could be Germany, Austria, Poland?

The Mystery

Among many pictures that I bought at a flea market. Is anyone able to add any information?

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This is a Polish photo. Warsaw, Ormux studio or company photographers. Town of Leszno. Possibly an artist photo of "lady in Alpin style dress". Kind of an early postcard.
Mar 16, 2004 2:58 pm reply
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