Mystery Woman in Checked Dress

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This professional photo was included with photos of the following families who lived mainly in Washington and California and secondly in Illinois, Michigan and New York: Markley, Walker, Dresser, Sprague, maternal line; Koski, Weiss, Whalen, Bremgartner, Meyer, paternal line.

Mystery: Does anyone recognize this lady?


Cheryl Green Could this be Pearl Parker Walker? I've only seen a photo of her many years ago. She was of German decent and married Cay Walker around 1911. Cheryl
Nov 28, 2003 · Reply
Paul Dport I don't reconize the lady--but I see names that are same as My relation of Grandmother Mary Margaret Markley. Names --Markley Meyer/Horine.
Mar 07, 2004 · Reply
Paul Dport The mystery lady I still don't know, but My relation was a Mark Margaret Markley b Aug 22 1828. Landed in New York a young girl. There are a Mary Markley and a Ludwick in an old census in Tuscarawas County OH. Cindy has records of. My relation Mary M married a John W Horine and they lived and died in Carrol County Missouri. Could this be a link to Yours? Bonnie
Jul 25, 2004 · Reply
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