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Nannie Whitt was born in 1895 and died on her thirtieth birthday. She is buried in the Baker Family Graveyard above Renick and Frankfort in Greenbrier County, WV. Her parents were Andrew J. Whitt and Mary Jane Asbury Whitt.

Regarding Andrew J. Whitt and Mary Jane Asbury, all their children were:

ELIAS H. Whitt, born May 1876, married “Sis” Spence. Lost his wife and baby girl by the time he was twenty-five years old; also had a son.

THOMAS A. Whitt, born July 1877, married Hannah Asbury.

CYNTHIA “Cynnie” Whitt, born March 1879, married James Hankins.

HOLDEN Whitt, well liked, died unmarried at around age 30.

JONAH Whitt, born April 1880. Married Patty Hankins. Successful farmer, lived to the age of 88. Raised Goldie Virginia Baker (Gabbert), daughter of Joseph Robert Baker and Nannie Whitt, after Nannie's death.

FIELDING L. Whitt, born October 1884.

PATTIE Whitt, born July 1886, married John Asbury.

HANNAH S. Whitt, born March 1888.

MARY M Whitt, born July 1889, married a Swisher, had a daughter named Sylvia.

NANNIE Whitt, born April 1895, married Joseph Robert Baker. Died in April 1925, attributed to pneumonia.

Below is a long look back at the family line of Nannie Whitt, starting in the 1700s:

James Skaggs married Rachel Moredock
John Hankins, Sr. married Elisabeth Skaggs about 1777
Moses Hankins (born 1782) married Martha “Patsy” Mitchell (born 1790)
Lucinda Hankins married George Harrison on July 5, 1837
Fielding Kirk Asbury married Martha Harrison on January 6, 1854
Andrew Whitt married Mary Asbury
Nannie Whitt (born 1895) married Joseph Robert Baker (born January 23, 1898)


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