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My grandmother lived here until she was 16. This home burned in March 1978. It sat at the end of a t-road straight w. from Everton IN about 3 miles. Everton is south of Connersville, Indiana in Fayette County.
Row 1- Andrew Young Neff in chair; L. Neff Ashworth; Pearl Neff holding baby Paula with her husband Walter directly behend them. Then Catherine Brumfiel Neff in last chair (Andrew's wife); small girl is Ruth Ashworth Roberts and Hattie Neff Pike.
row 2-Charles William Neff and wife Sadie B. Ashworth Neff, my gr-grandparents; Lulu Neff Ashworth and Lewis Ashworth (a brother and sister married a brother and sister)
at Neff Family Homestead, Connersville, Fayette County, IN USA


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