New Baby Johnson family photo
Bonnie Johnson

New Baby

Photo taken in Santa Rosa, CA. My dad (Robt Johnson) is little boy in center. Left to right, Harry & Mary Mitchell, Mary Frances McGavin, baby might be my dad's brother Donald , then Oris McGavin. My gran Ina Johnson in bacground.

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Photo taken at USA on
New Baby

Robert H. Johnson

Born: May 6, 1913
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Robert H. Johnson at 10 years old  ·  Harry Mitchell at 50 years old  ·  Mary T.Collins-Mitchell at 50 years old  ·  Mary Frances Mitchell-McGavin at 21 years old  ·   ·  Ina Mae Collins-Johnson at 37 years old  ·  Oris K. McGavin at 25 years old  ·  Donald J. Johnson