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First 8th Grade Graduating class from the New Smiley School, Denver, Colorado - Eloise // Harry Haight: Presently called Smiley Middle School - this is the 8th grade graduating class members, all identified. It is circa 1928 based on the year construction was completed. The class members are named Left to Right. (I can not testify to the spelling of names being accurate)
Top row, John Hatch, Tony Calanico, George Whitford, Ed Hollenburger, Bob Grace, Louis Pfiefer, *Harry Haight, Winton Allen, Charles Bennett, Chester Schneck "Snake", Herman Lutz.
Front row, Edna Miller, Marie Nelson, Louise Marshall, Evelyn Lind, *Eloise Haight, Barbara Crouse, Thelma Henderson, Jane Taylor, Betty Mack, Shirley LeRoy, and Carolyn Hall.
*Harry Glenn Haight, Sr. and *Eloise Mary Haight Carr, children of Nancy Jane Hargis and Arthur R. Haight.
at Smiley Middle School, Denver, Denver County, CO


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