New York City Prohibition - 1921

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This image is of the New York City Deputy Police Commissioner, John A. Leach in 1921. John, towards the right, watched as prohibition agents poured alcohol into the sewer following a successful prohibition raid.

Of course, this is only one small win for the prohibition agents. The prohibition era ran from 1920 until 1933 in the United States, and gave rise to such prohibition gangsters as Al Capone and "Bugs" Moran.

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at downtown, New York City, New York USA
  • Alcoholic beverages--1920-1930.
  • Photographic prints--1920-1930.
  • 1 photographic print.
  • New York World-Telegram and the Sun Newspaper Photograph Collection (Library of Congress).
  • Title devised by Library staff using information from photo slug.


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