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Danang, Vietnam_ "My men are the hardest workers in Vietnam", says Air Force Lt. Col. M.F. Nickelson./ Nickelson is refering to the men of the 15th Arial Port Squadron at the Danang Air Base./ Most of the supplies for I Corps(the northern most military district in South Vietnam) go through the Danang Aerial Port./"These men unload about 90 cargo airplanes a day", says SM-Sgt. Hubert Ray, son of Mr.and Mrs. J. A. Ray, Hammon./"Our jobs here are to unload the cargo airplanes coming in from the states and get the suppliesto the troops in the field as soon as possible." he said. / About 700 tons of cargo, in cluding 250 tons of mail is handled daily./"You can't imagine the cargo that goes through here in a day," the formare Hammon high school graduate said. "Bulldozers, cranes, ammunition, howitzer barrels, frozen food, vegetables, name it. Much of the cargo has to be to its destination within 72 hours, so we have to keep moving."/There's little glory for the men of the 15th Aeral Port, just hard work./ "he men never complain", says Nickelson. "They just work , sweat and work some more. In some cases, like at Khe Sanh, we had men unloading cargo during mortar attacks.They know the job that has to be done over here and they do it. I'm proud of them" Ray's wife Billie, lives at 114 Ramsey Drive, Elk City.
at Da Nang, Viet Nam


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