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I've attached a photograph that I acquired 25 years ago... by accident. I found it in a drawer of a bureau I bought at an auction. There was no way to backtrack to find who it might belong to.

I have kept the photo all these years...just didn't have the heart to toss someone's ancestor and now with the internet, I hope that by some small stroke of luck, I can send this soldier "home".

I'm requesting that you publish this photo and with luck, we'll be able to honor a serviceman by finding his family. The name written on the photo is Newt Cole.

I find Newton Cole's born in the mid-1830's, in Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Georgia and Kentucky. It is my hope that one of your readers can help me identify his uniform. If so, we may be able to narrow which state he was born in, and perhaps even which county. Then... maybe we can find Newt's family!

Or, if anyone has other photos of Newt and wants to claim this one, I'd love to hear from them.
in USA


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