Nigra falls staff Purvis family photo
Rosemary Purvis-Lesher

Nigra falls staff

Photo says on back Staff minus 9 who were off taken at Niagra falls Michigan

The Mystery

My sister Karen found this picture does anyone know the history of the picture and the people in it, to me the 4th person in from right side in second row appears to be my Aunt Blanche Purvis. .The back of picture says all the staff, except 9 who were off. Taken at Niagra Falls, Mi. by Robert E. Benjamin does not have a year but would guess in 40's. Thank you Rose

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I changed my email in profile but this has old email new email is [contact link] thank you
Apr 23, 2006 7:26 am reply
This picture incorrectly says niagra falls when in fact I believe it is at the mackinaw bridge in michigan
Sep 06, 2011 12:04 pm reply
Photo taken at Staff at unknown business - Niagra Falls Niagra falls, Michigan on