O'Connor Photo O'Connor family photo
Donna Toole

O'Connor Photo

Group of family members around late 20's or early 30's. Three people can be identified: Mary O'Connor on left, Margaret O'Connor O'Toole McCabe in dark dress, and Gladys Beck Toole (O'Toole) behind children (children are not hers).

The Mystery

Family photo from effects of Richard and Gladys (Beck) Toole (O'Toole). Approximately late 20's or early 30's. Three women from left to right are Mary O'Connor of Utica, NY, Margaret O'Connor O'Toole McCabe of Utica and Rochester, New York, and Gladys Beck Toole of Stamford, CT and Rochester, NY. The unknown persons are man on right and supposedly his three children. Suggestions are William or John Bogan as the unidentified man, cousin of Gladys Beck Toole.

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Photo taken at Waterville, New York USA on