Ogilvie mother and daughters/ daughters-in-law?

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Mystery: This picture was found in an Ogilvie family Bible owned by James David Ogilvie and Abbie Corneilia Williams. This photo appears to be that of a woman, surrounded by her daughters and daughter-in-law(s). My best guess is that the woman in the center is Mary Jane Morrow, second wife of Thomas Ogilvie. I have no guesses for the girl in the bottom left corner. Maybe a daughter-in-law? The upper left appears to possibly be Mary Jane's daughter, Jesse Ogilvie. The upper right might possibly be Mary Jane's daughter, Julia Ogilvie. The bottom right is definitely Abbie Corneilia Williams Ogilvie, a daughter-in-law of Mary Jane's. Any help identifying any of the individuals in this picture would be greatly appreciated!
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Charity Conner I am Granddaughter of William L. Ogilvie.. I am trying to find more info out also!
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