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Civil War era family photo possibly taken in Ohio. The McComb family.

Mystery: This photo which is in a black case, lined with red velvet, was found in with my husband's parents things.

I was contacted by a member of the family in the photo. They sent the following information about the photo:
FromĀ  Left to right ..the lady in the Quaker Bonnet is Elizabeth Turner. b. Sept 1800, wife of Samuel McComb b. Feb 2, 1798. The gentleman is John F. McComb (her son, Civil War Vet) b. Feb. 4th, 1833 D. Jan 27, 1916.
Married to the lady to his left in the white skirt (Their wedding photo)
December 8th, 1859 and the young lady to Her left is one of her sisters. Another person said this info may not be correct. Anyway, enjoy the photo.


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